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Wills & Estate Planning

Simple Wills

Single Will

A standard Will for one person

Mirror Wills

Two standard Wills which mirror each other

With a simple Will you can:

  • Ensure assets and monies go where you want them too

  • Appoint the people you want to look after the administration        of your estate

  • Minimise Inheritance Tax (IHT)

  • Appoint legal guardians for your children

  • Set up trusts and make gifts

  • Leave gifts to charities

  • Protect assets

  • Reflect any changes in your life, such as a bereavement, divorce, marriage, birth of children or grandchildren

  • Ensure personal items are inherited as you wish

Estate planning may mean that more complex issues arise and need to be addressed within your Will. These are normally resolved by the use of Will Trusts such as those set out below. 

Will Trusts

Protective Property Trust

Allows your spouse or a partner to continue living in, or have beneficial use of your property, or share of it, for life, whilst ultimately keeping it safe for someone else such as your children. It will also help protect your home from care home fees

Life Interest Trust

Allows you to protect the capital of any property, cash assets and other investments for your ultimate beneficiaries, such as your children, whilst giving the income to your spouse or partner for life

Flexible Lifetime Trust

A flexible life interest trust will is similar to a property trust will, but enables you to put the whole or part of your estate in the will trust, rather than just your property

Discretionary Trust

Allows you to leave assets for the benefit of a vulnerable beneficiary to be held by a chosen trustee who can protect the beneficiary from being taken advantage of 

Disabled Persons Trust

Tax efficient trust for disabled beneficiaries 

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